Become your own
Shoe Designer

with own brand

Unique opportunity to design your own shoe brand

We help you with all the convenience and develop your models and put together a collection so it does not get bigger and more expensive than you can manage, but still big enough to look very much.


Your focus is on design and sales

The first thing to happen is that you bring your ideas and we will talk about how to put together the collection. When done, WomanPowerFactory sews your first trial shoe.


Shipping, import and delivery to your door

We control the entire production process and you also get help with the packaging / shoe bags / marking / registration of trademarks, etc.


We come with solid experience for shoe production

There are many things to consider and it is not necessary to reinvent the same again and again. We have experience that when you, as a new designer, are going to develop your first collection, you focus on the design and not on all the practical things that actually make the shoe project a real business.

I remember exactly how it was when I started years ago, and I can see, we all make the same mistakes and we have the same obstacles. But there is actually no reason to make the mistakes over and over again, so we help to control the process.

We can meet and get an overview or take the first meeting on the phone. First meeting is for free.

After the meeting you will receive an estimate of the cost of developing your collection.

How to get started

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