Meet the designer
and entrepreneur,
Ulla Hentze

Everyone is entitled to
fashionable shoes!

Ulla Hentze, graduate of the Danish Design School.

Lived in China in 2007 and 2008 and still travels there 3–4 times a year.

She loves to make beautiful shoes of excellent quality that make customers happy and pleased. She therefore manufactures beautiful shoes for beautiful women in high quality and with unique designs.

She owns WomenPowerFactory, a shoe factory in the Fujian Province in southeastern China that is managed by talented women. WomenPowerFactory also produces orthopedic shoes for people eligible for municipal subsidies (in Denmark).

She has received a grant from the Danmarks Nationalbank 1968 Jubilee Foundation for developing the standardization of orthopedic shoes.

Since 2005, she has sold various shoes in Scandinavia, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Spain, Portugal, France, the United Kingdom, Japan, the United States and China.

Shoes with social responsibility!

I love to make an effort, and this can apply to many things. I have created a company that makes shoes and have my own little shoe factory in China. Here I can make an effort to make beautiful shoes together with my beautiful and talented employees. We have a showroom in Valby, Denmark.

We make shoes for many types of people, including people in wheelchairs who can not walk. Some people want to make a first impression of “here comes someone with fancy shoes” instead of “here comes a person with disabilities”.

People could also do this with a fashionable hat or something else. But we specialize in shoes.


Feeling good is important!

WomenPowerFactory knows what it takes to make you feel comfortable. Women should not have sore feet and also be entitled to fashionable shoes that emphasize their femininity and what they stand for. WomenPowerFactory therefore strives to fulfill this ambition.

They know a great deal about what is needed to feel comfortable and how important it is for individual people to take themselves seriously and do things right. This applies to everything: being in shape, weight, clothes, hair, shoes, etc. Wow, everything all at once. But you can just practice a bit and take one thing at a time. Suddenly you can get more energy, self-confidence and a better mood.

Functional shoes are necessary to walk for many hours without getting sore and without destroying your feet. But appearance is just as important.

Ulla says:
“I think that making something that fits perfectly and looks great is fantastic. And I like to make women radiate and feel beautiful. Looking good should not require torture! “

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