We customize shoes for you who have challenges with their feet

Shoes should fit from day one, and our custom-made shoes will fit your feet. We use a special mesuring tecnique and have many years of craft experience in tailoring shoes for women with special needs. WomenPowerFactory wants all women to have the opportunity to look good without having sore feet.

Choose your design

You choose the design

Together with us, you choose a model, color, materials, shape and heel based on your needs and your wardrobe. And remember that a weekday can also be a party day!


We custom-make your shoes and ship directly to you

Our skilled shoemakers cut and sew your shoes. We store all your information, so you can easily reorder shoes that fit you precisely. When the shoes are finished, you can choose to collect them at our showroom in Ørestad or have them delivered.

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Our shoes enable you to move
and live without pain

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