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Designer Ulla Hentze says:
One day a very sweet woman who wanted new shoes visited my showroom. She needs custom-made orthopedic shoes since she does not fit standard sizes. She has had custom-made shoes all her life. We had plenty of time to talk while we measured her feet and made casts. I told her that shoes must not pinch. They should fit from day one.

She had never heard that before. I am surprised that so many people think that even custom-made shoes need to be broken in. We have certainly never heard of a custom-made jacket that needs to be broken in? It should fit, period. That is what custom-made means.

I just want to have shoes that fit

It has been wonderful to have a pair of boots that are custom-made for my foot. Feet can differ greatly, so it is excellent that they fit like a glove. And it is wonderful that they do not look like everyone else’s shoes and have their own personal touch.

Mia Lyhne


Shoes that fit like a glove!

Dear Ulla Hentze,

My heartfelt thanks for making me feel like the world’s most beautiful bride last Saturday.

For 10 years I have almost exclusively worn hiking boots, both summer and winter with insoles because my foot is skewed, making it twist and fall out to the side so that I easily stumble. In the summer I have been able to wear flat sandals when I dress up but the rest of year I have had to wear hiking boots. I no longer have to do that.

Honestly, I did not think it was possible, even though you were optimistic throughout the process, and with good reason. You created genuine dancing shoes for me. They made me appear gorgeous when I walked down the aisle without wobbling. What a change. Now I can wear dresses again and appear elegant. Oh, I am so terribly happy. I have ankylosing spondylitis and generally rely on proper shoes, and I am therefore extremely happy that you managed to create an aesthetic orthopedic shoe without that being visible. The shoes only fit one person: me. And so far I am probably the only person in Denmark with such shoes with so much vitality. This is unbelievable. Thank you, wonderful shoe designer!

Marianne Joensen, author and a user of orthopedic shoes

No compromises

I do not compromise with my footwear. Shoes must be functional while emphasizing my femininity and my personality.
Vivi Flindt, WomenPowerFactory customer.

Ballet teacher and stage director, former soloist and instructor at the
Royal Danish Ballet

I can get shoes like everyone else 😉

Dreaming about shoes
I wondered whether other people experienced the same thing I did: not feeling that the shoes you have fit the clothes in your closet. I think this is actually very normal (especially for women). My problem was that I felt that way every day for many years. I have worn specially made shoes as long as I can remember. I could not choose the color or model. No, I got what there was. Mostly some very big clunky boots with “rubber noses” and so heavy that I was tired of just thinking about putting them on! For several years I wore pants that hid my shoes since I felt that they highlighted my disability rather than alleviated it.

But then I was fortunate to meet Ulla. Now I can just tell her the kind of shoes I have always wanted and I get them. Just imagine the feeling when I open my closet and see the opportunities to combine clothing! I can go to a store and buy a pair of pants that fit tightly and do not feel ashamed of my shoes anymore. I know that people still stare, but it is okay now. I know very well that my shoes are super cool.


Just wants shoes that fit

A pair of sandals for a customer with shin splint supports.

The sandals here were custom-made for a customer with shin and leg splints that extend up the leg and under the foot to the toe.

The “toe” of the splint is hidden under the small pocket at the front of the sandal so that the splints are barely visible.

Accessories in different colors have been sewn that can be clipped on various locations to change the appearance of the sandal.

Leah Sandals

Judith, a stylist, chose her own design

Being able to choose your own shoes and how they look brings tears of joy and relief … to be heard and seen for who you feel you are deep down inside and not be referred to and stigmatized as a person with disabilities with special shoes. You are suddenly just like everyone else …
(Judith uses a wheelchair.)

Judith Krautwald

“Place my left leg over the right one. I need to brag a little.”

Evald Krog is really pleased with his shoes, which do not look like orthopedic shoes, but rather something he likes. The shoes are lined with French rabbit fur, because he is always cold.
Well, not anymore.

When Evald got the shoes on, he said to his helper while I heard it: “Place my left leg over the right one. I need to brag a little.”
Evald Krog

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