Get your own production of designer shoes

At WomenPowerFactory it is possible to produce both large and small orders. An order can be 1 pair, 200 pairs, 1000 or for example 10,000 pairs.


Everything can be done

For large productions the price is lower per shoes because the processing is pretty much the same if you produce more or less shoes.


How we do

When we produce for the customers we manufacture test shoes for customer approval.

Then the model is graduated. This means the “Last” is graduated in eg. sizes 36-41 and the same for the paper pattern. (the “Last” is the form on which each shoe is manufactured).

If desired, we produce one shoe each size to make sure that the design looks as desired in all sizes, or if any sizes needs to be revised. We manufacture the shoe boxes in the customer’s own design or we can supply a standard box with a print on the lid. Shoe bags, wrapping paper with logo and printed matter to be attached can also be delivered.

All material for printing must be delivered ready to print or we can, against payment, make it ready.

WomenPowerFactory will be in charge for quality control during production. We can pack the shoes at the factory so they are ready for shipment for each of your customer and we can handle freight and import to Denmark or other countries.

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