We manufacture
orthopedic shoes

with style!

Smart design uden at gå på kompromis!

Ulla Hentze designer sko til alle med individuelle behov og stil!
Det behøver ikke at være så svært,-
Vejen til et par skræddersyede sko er nem og dine fødder vil elske dig for det!

New technology and innovative thinking

We make fashionable designer shoes for women who have unusual feet. We can do this because we have developed a simple measuring tape, to get the exact measurements of your foot.

Everyone is entitled to an active life.

Many of our customers are surprised that we can design fashionable shoes that can be used actively. This also applies to you if you normally have to settle for shoes that do not really fit because you have unusual feet.

Meet the designer

Read about Ulla’s story and why she emphasizes making fashionable shoes that boost mobility and provide freedom to everyone who wants to live an active life. Life is too short to experience shoes that hurt!


You can buy hand-made shoes directly from our shop. See our newest models and purchase here.

Design your shoes

You choose how your shoes appear.
Together with you, we design your shoes based on the numerous combinations we have available.
You design your shoes by combining the colors, shapes and styles enabled by WomenPowerFactory.

Pricing and product packages

How much do I pay for custom-made shoes adapted to my feet? Read here.

Shoes that can change your life
We can sew your next pair of shoes!

How to order shoes

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